About Us

Umo88 is different! We believe the days of holding as much inventory as possible and waiting for the world to come ask you for it are long over! We believe a better sales approach is to let the millions of buyers that exist on the internet determine what fair market value is by offering no-reserve auctions. It’s simple, we have no hidden reserve prices, if our buyers meet the minimum asking price they can win that item.

Umo88 is an internet auction house that auctions and sells new and original electronic and industrial products that have been obtained through the global supply chain. Umo88 buys overstock, and end of life products, from some of the world’s largest manufacturers. That product is brought into our warehouse where it is inspected and passed through our strict ISO9001 quality process. It is then offered to our customers through a “no-reserve” auction format or in some cases a “Buy it Now” format.

Umo88 sells most of its products for a fraction of retail pricing. Check out our listings and start saving immediately!